• Stéphanie Tétreault: Building Relationships Through Mentoring

    Stéphanie Tétreault, associate at TDS Law, discusses a mentorship relationship she developed while summering at TDS and how it shaped her career.

  • Stefan Drew: Misconceptions of a Large Firm

    Stefan Drew, associate at TDS Law, discusses how his time articling and summering at TDS differed from his original expectations of a large firm.

  • Lisa Stiver: Crafting the Right Environment

    Lisa Stiver, partner and chair of the student committee at TDS Law, discusses the unique structure of the student program and how it fosters a collegial, non-competitive environment.

  • Lewis Allen: An Inclusive Culture

    Lewis Allen, associate at TDS Law, discusses his time as a summer student and how the inclusive culture exceeded his expectations.

  • Alyssa Mariani: Honing in on a Career Path

    Alyssa Mariani, associate at TDS Law, discusses her time as a summer student and articling at the firm, and how the experience prepared her to select the right career path.

  • Top Three Reasons for Selecting Patriot Freight Services as your 3PL/Broker

    Through shipper focus groups, research and years of service, TIA, The Transportation Intermediaries Association, representing the leading 3PLs in North America, has developed a list of the top 3 criteria that shippers look for in a 3PL.

  • Value Proposition

    A quick overview of this video series, and why investing minutes of your time watching these videos can save you hundred of thousands of dollars during your next warehouse build or redesign.

  • Choosing the Right Equipment for Your Warehouse

    Whether you’re building a new warehouse or redesigning your existing one, it’s important to plan adequately from the outset so that your warehouse storage and racking supplier can equip you more effectively.

  • Enhancing Safety in the Warehouse

    Your warehouse is the lifeblood of your organization. It’s where you receive shipments, store your products and ship your orders. Here are a few best practices to help you ensure your assets are safe and protected.

  • Upgrading Technology in Your Warehouse

    By using Warehouse Management Systems combined with the most efficient storage, layout and equipment for your company’s needs, today’s warehouses can improve productivity exponentially.